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Protect your radio in style with our high quality, Radio Gloves for that custom fit, easy access and a great look and feel. From the tiny micro radios like the VX-3 or the IC-P7A, to the medium micro, like the new IC-91A or IC-91AD, or slightly larger ICOM IC-T81A, we have a pouch waiting for your radio.

Our leather model is skillfully constructed of fine, glove-quality material. These pouches are designed to protect your radio, address some of the shortcomings of the standard pouches or belt clips, and look great while doing it. The smooth leather feels elegant, but has the durability to protect your radio through years of use. Provides easy access to buttons and view screen. The spring steel, leather covered belt clip holds your radio securely to your belt.

Our high-quality neoprene pouch gives your handheld radio the maximum protection from the elements and cushions against the bumps and hazards of everyday use.
HI-NMN-B: NEO- Medium/ Narrow - Black
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HI-NMN-R: NEO- Medium / Narrow - Red
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Optional digital unit, UT-118 The optional UT-118 provides D-STAR format digital voice and slow data communiation. The UT-118 includes the following digital features. Callsign calling In the digital mode, your callsign and the receiving callsign (or CQ message) are included in each transmission. The callsign squelch allows you to choose an incoming call selected by the callsign. Also, received callsigns are automatically stored in the memory. Position exchange with external GPS receiver When connected to an external GPS receiver*, position information can be exchanged with other stations. When the receiving side is connected to a PC**, position monitoring is possible. * NMEA 0183 output and RS-232C interface are required. ** Position mapping software required (Not supplied by Icom ). And more digital features 20-character short data message Digital code squelch EMR communication Digital pocket beep Stand-by beep 7W powerful output power A powerful 7W* output power provides superior transmit power. All this power is available with the supplied battery pack. Reduced power settings also allow you to adapt to the communication conditions and provide longer operating time. * 5W for UHF. 200 memory channels and 10 memory banks Up to 200 regular memory channels can be stored with a 6-character channel name, tone and duplex settings. The memory channels can be tagged with A-J bank name and allows you easy channel management. In addition, use Icomís exclusive DMS (Dynamic Memory Scan) system to scan selected memory banks by simply adding and deleting blank links. Built-in CTCSS/DTCS Built-in CTCSS/DTCS tone codes provide quiet stand-by and allow you to access a closed repeater. The pocket beep alerts you when a matched tone frequency is received. The tone scan detects the tone frequency used in the receiving frequency. Other features NOAA weather channel receive* *USA version only Automatic repeater function* *IC-82 USA version only Reversible control knob and up/down buttons assignment Durable construction and simple operation 16 DTMF dial memory PC cloning capability
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