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Protect your radio in style with our high quality, Radio Gloves for that custom fit, easy access and a great look and feel. From the tiny micro radios like the VX-3 or the IC-P7A, to the medium micro, like the new IC-91A or IC-91AD, or slightly larger ICOM IC-T81A, we have a pouch waiting for your radio.

Our leather model is skillfully constructed of fine, glove-quality material. These pouches are designed to protect your radio, address some of the shortcomings of the standard pouches or belt clips, and look great while doing it. The smooth leather feels elegant, but has the durability to protect your radio through years of use. Provides easy access to buttons and view screen. The spring steel, leather covered belt clip holds your radio securely to your belt.

Our high-quality neoprene pouch gives your handheld radio the maximum protection from the elements and cushions against the bumps and hazards of everyday use.
HI-N5X B: NEO - HI-N5X - Black
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HI-N5X R: NEO - HI-N5X - Red
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HI-7B: Radio Glove
$19.95 $14.95 On Sale!
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IC-T90 - 6 Meter/2 Meter/70 CM tri-band HT Getting back to basics with big performance. This pocket sized tri-bander is loaded with high performance features, yet is small enough to take anywhere. Designed for one-handed operation, all radio functions are easily accessed via the color selectable backlit keypad. Lithium - ion power lets you enjoy a full 5W of power on all bands, for up to 6 hours of operating time! Wide band receive from 495kHz to 999.999MHz*, JIS-4 weather resistant construction, weather alert scan, and more. Features: 5W Output Power Wide Band Receiver - 495kHz - 999.999MHz 555 Alphanumeric Memory Channels CTCSS/DTCS Encode/Decode w/Tone Scan Backlit Keypad & Display JIS-4 Weather Resistant Weather Alert Versatile Scanning Modes Li-ion Battery Die-cast Aluminum Case & Chassis PC Programmable w/Optional Equipment More details: Up/Down Switch Can be customized for volume control or channel selection Backlit Keypad Enter frequencies or memory number and use special function keys to toggle between different modes, memory banks, and more. Tuning Dial Can be customized for channel selection or volume control External Jacks Connect an optional speaker-mic or headset for more privacy. Connect to your PC for programming & cloning Rugged Construction Die-cast aluminum case and chassis coupled with JIS-4 weather resistant construction make the T90 great for active outdoor operation Small, Take-Anywhere, Size Dimensions: 2.5W x 3.4 H x 1.15 Weight: 8.5 oz. Lithium Ion Power Enjoy a full 5watts of power on all bands and up to 6 hours of operating time! Large Backlit Display Shows the operating frequency, set mode contents, battery indicator, relative signal strength, etc... Wide Band Receive 495kHz - 999.999MHz AM/FM/WFM. Preprogrammed TV memories. Listen to shortwave, AM & FM broadcast radio stations, police, fire, military, aircraft, and various amateur bands. Morse Code Synthesizer A first in amateur HTs! Announces the operating frequency in morse code. With adjustable code speed. Weather Alert Keep track of the weather Checks for National Weather Service activity during normal operation. When a weather emergency occurs, the T90 automatically switches to the weather channel and 6M/2M/70CM Selectable Colors for Backlit Keys Choose from Orange, Green, or Red
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