PPJR: PowerPort JR

This tiny 2.3 amp hour 12 V rechargeable battery can fit into your jacket pocket and provide DC power at your fingertips. Comes with cigarette outlet and automatic fast AC charger to keep your battery ready for use.
Can optionally be bought with the Automatic Charger
With this 800 mA two-stage automatic charger, you can leave your power supply plugged in indefinitely. The charger will bring your power supply to a full charge, then reduce the input to a trickle charge to keep it topped off. This is the ideal charger for people who do not use their power supply on a regular basis, but want it ready to go at a moment's notice.
PPJR: PowerPort JR $61.95 >  >
PP-JR-A: PowerPort Jr. (w/ Automatic Charger) (overweight shipping charges apply) $79.95 >  >
PCC: Car charger - for PowerPort Jr. $17.95 >  >
HMDD: Run and Charge plugs for PPJR $26.95 >  >
PCJR: Replacement Power Cable PPJR $17.95 >  >