PP-259: PowerPort 259

When weight and mobility are a priority, this lightweight powerhouse will give you 300W of AC power, and 15 amps of DC power for lighting, laptops, and AC/DC appliance needs.
PowerPort 259 comes with a standard overnight AC charger.
PowerPort 259A comes with an Automatic 2-Stage charger. With this two-stage automatic charger, you can leave your power supply plugged in indefinitely. The charger will bring your power supply to a full charge, then reduce the input to a maintenance charge to keep it topped off. This is the ideal charger for people who do not use their power supply on a daily basis, but want it ready to go at a moment's notice.
PP-259: PowerPort 259 $209.95 >  >
PP-259A: PowerPort 259 (w/ Automatic Charger) $224.95 >  >