HM-DX-1: DXpedition Pack (w/ standard Radio Box)

Designed to carry any modern mobile radio such as the Yaesu FT-100, ICOM IC-706, or SG-2020, along with a portable power supply (supplied separately by PowerPort), with ample room for antennas, tuner, cable, wire, splitters, miscellaneous field accessories and needs. Within the DXpedition Pack™ is your choice of the Radio Box™ (fitting mobile radios such as the ICOM-706) or the Radio Pouch™ (designed to carry the smaller Yaesu FT-817). These interior cases can be used independently, or carried inside the larger pack to protect your delicate electronics from your other gear.
HM-DX-1: DXpedition Pack (w/ standard Radio Box) $115.95 >  >
HM-DX-2: DXpedition Pack (w/ wide Radio Box) $115.95 >  >
HM-DX-3: DXpedition Pack (w/ Radio Pouch) $115.95 >  >