HM-817: Worldpouch

The Worldpouch™, a sleek 2-part fanny pack, is custom-made for the amazingly powerful Yaesu FT-817 mobile radio. This is a two-part modular radio pack that lets you decide how you want to carry your FT-817: either solo on your belt in a padded radio pouch , or slide it onto the custom Worldpouch fanny pack to maximize room for accessories. Our optional PowerPort 2.3 amp 12V power supply kit slides into the front pocket of the radio pouch to keep you talking long beyond the capacity of the on-board battery.
Designed for the Yaesu FT-817, but it is also a great fit for the Alinco UHF/VHF mobiles:
DR-135TP, DR-235T, DR-435T, DR-605T, and the DR-MO6TH.
PJR: Replacement Power Cable for 2.3 AH battery $17.95 >  >
HM-817: Worldpouch $73.95 $53.95 On Sale! >  >
HM-817X: Worldpouch (large) $73.95 $53.95 On Sale! >  >
H-23: 2.3 aH battery (new) $35.95 >  >
C-817: DC Connector for FT-817 (plug only) $2.95 >  >
DC-817: DC right angle plug for FT-817 w/ 36" of wire $7.95 >  >
PVDC: 36"wire terminated w/ rt angle FT-817 connection and DC cigar plug at other end $17.95 >  >