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Looking for a premium leather or neoprene, custom-fit case for your handheld?
Head on over to our list of radios to see if we have one for yours!

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HI-B: Radio Badge
$19.95 $14.95 On Sale!
Better than a Lapel Mic. Your mini-radio clips onto the tough leather mount of the Radio Badge. Then simply pin the Badge to the fabric of your shirt or jacket for virtually hands-free operations. Keep fully active while your radio remains within constant earshot. Antennae is up in the clear, and your radio is close to your ear for easy communications.
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HI-PRO: Pocket Pro
$19.95 $14.95 On Sale!
This comfortable leather pouch fits snugly in the shirt or jacket breast-pocket. It has the added security of a pen-style clip that holds it in your pocket. There are even two vertical pockets for an extra antenna and a pen. Your radio is closer to your ear so you can hear transmissions and easily accessible for quick response. And no more worries about your radio falling out of your pocket every time you lean over!
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HI-32: Radio Wallet (standard)
The RadioWallet™ comes in two sizes to accommodate a wide variety of hand-held radios. It is well-constructed of padded, heavy-duty nylon with a center pocketed divider with all of the edges fully finished for strength and durability.
HI-32: Radio Wallet (standard) $29.95 >  >
HI-36: Radio Wallet (large) $34.95 >  >

HI-V2: Mini Radio Wallet
This is our smallest RadioWallet, designed especially for mini and micro handheld radios, although it can also be a handy storage case for extra accessories, cell phones, or small electronics. It makes a great compact traveling case for any of the small modern radios such as the Yaeus VX-1, VX-2, VX-5 or VX-7, the ICOM IC-T90, or the Kenwood THF6A, to name a few.
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HI-RH706: HeadCase - for ICOM-706
$19.95 $9.95 On Sale!
This remote head case was designed as a complement to the WorldPack-706, but works great as a stand-alone item as well. It is zippered and padded and has both a belt clip and a webbing loop to carry or secure the remote head. Fully finished wire pass through holes let you attach and operate the head at a distance while protecting the sensitive electronics. Use it to protect and carry the head to your IC-706 or IC-703 radio.
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HM-R9-N: QuickZip Radio Pouch - nylon
Carry your radio and accessories safely and discreetly in this comfortable fanny pouch. QuickZip feature lets you access your handheld radio in a single motion. Pull the special tab diagonally to expose the rear pouch. This feature is equally functional for right or left-handed access. Three other zippered pockets provide lots of room for extra batteries, antennas, your wallet, etc.
HM-R9-N: QuickZip Radio Pouch - nylon $39.95 >  >
HM-R9L: QuickZip Radio Pouch - leather / standard $49.95 >  >
HM-R9LX: QuickZip Radio Pouch - leather / large $59.95 >  >

HM-G9N: Concealed Carry Gun Pouch - nylon
Concealed carry pouch for weapon or radio.
Comfortable, functional and discreet
HM-G9N: Concealed Carry Gun Pouch - nylon $39.95 >  >
HM-G9L: Concealed-Carry Gun Pouch - leather / standard $49.95 >  >
HM-G9LX: Concealed Carry Gun Pouch - leather / large $59.95 >  >

HI-ATX-P: ATX Antenna Case - padded
Our Deluxe padded antenna case is made of a laminate of heavy duty nylon exterior, 1/4" foam padding, and medium weight nylon interior. Box-end construction, smooth zipper for easy access, and swivel clip for easy attachment to travel pack. Protect your valuable antennas from the hazards of travel and unprotected storage. Dimensions 13" x 1.5" x 1.75".
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