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HM-DX-1: DXpedition Pack (w/ standard Radio Box)
Introducing the ultimate radio combo-pack: a full sized daypack, big enough for serious Search and Rescue work, or any task that requires full communications far from conventional power sources, with a padded RadioBox secured inside to protect your communications equipment.
HM-DX-1: DXpedition Pack (w/ standard Radio Box) $115.95 >  >
HM-DX-2: DXpedition Pack (w/ wide Radio Box) $115.95 >  >
HM-DX-3: DXpedition Pack (w/ Radio Pouch) $115.95 >  >

HM-33: GearHarness
Bandolier-style radio chest harness gives you easy access to your handheld radio and other equipment, leaving your hands free for important tasks
Fits waist sizes up to 60"
>  >

HM-817: Worldpouch
The Worldpouch™, a sleek 2-part fanny pack, is custom-made for the amazingly powerful Yaesu FT-817 mobile radio. This is a two-part modular radio pack that lets you decide how you want to carry your FT-817: either solo on your belt in a padded radio pouch , or slide it onto the custom Worldpouch fanny pack to maximize room for accessories.
PJR: Replacement Power Cable for 2.3 AH battery $17.95 >  >
HM-817: Worldpouch $73.95 $53.95 On Sale! >  >
HM-817X: Worldpouch (large) $73.95 $53.95 On Sale! >  >
H-23: 2.3 aH battery (new) $35.95 >  >
C-817: DC Connector for FT-817 (plug only) $2.95 >  >
DC-817: DC right angle plug for FT-817 w/ 36" of wire $7.95 >  >
PVDC: 36"wire terminated w/ rt angle FT-817 connection and DC cigar plug at other end $17.95 >  >

HI-817A: Worldpouch - Radio Pouch only
The radio pouch is constructed of well-padded nylon, with special front pockets to hold the antenna and and the optional PowerPort 2.3 amp 12V power supply kit. The back of the pouch has two steel belt clips to secure it firmly to your belt, or can also be clipped onto the Worldpouch fanny pack which gives you ample room for accessories and extra antennas. A fully waterproof rain cover is included and fits neatly into its own pocket inside the pouch. The mic-hanger can be clipped wherever is most convenient. Your microphone locks into the mic-hanger and keeps it firmly in place until you need it. Don't worry about losing your mic while running, climbing or any activities that may dislodge a loosely attached mic.
>  >

HI-817B: Worldpouch - Waist Pack only
The fanny pack has two generous zippered accessory pouches, and multiple nylon webbing loops and tie-downs to secure everything from your extra antennas and coax, to a light jacket. The locking microphone hanger can be clipped onto any convenient spot. The fanny-pack is nicely padded for comfortable wear over long miles. br> Note: Picture shows the Radio Pouch [not included] still attached
>  >

HMP-706: WorldPack-706
The WorldPack-706 is specifically designed for ICOM users.
This pack comes with a new remote-head belt case for the ICOM IC-706 or IC-703 to give you full access to your radio controls for QRP operations while mobile. Meanwhile, you are carrying the radio in padded comfort on your back, with enough room to carry accessories and auxiliary power to maximize your air time. The remote-head belt-case is zippered for easy access and padded for superior protection of your radio head. You can carry the case on your belt, or attach it to the shoulder strap (or wherever you like!) with a choice of a spring steel clip or a belt loop.
>  >

HMP-II: WorldPack II
Holds all mobile radios built in the last 10 years, and specifically designed with the newer HF mini mobiles in mind such as the IC-7000 or the IC-706 by ICOM or the Yaesu FT-100. Also works beautifully carrying the FT-817 along with the Z-11 antenna tuner.
>  >

HI-B1: RadioBox (standard)
This case fits nearly all modern mobile radios including, but not limited to, the ICOM IC-706MK2G, or IC-7000, the Yaesu FT-100, or SGC's SG-2020. This padded case isolates and protects the radio and optional PowerPort power supply from all of the other gear that you need to carry in your pack.
>  >

HI-B2: RadioBox (wide)
The Wide RadioBox was created with the Yaesu FT-897 in mind, shown here carrying the ATX Walkabout antenna (available on our Antenna page!)
See Standard RadioBox description, or click this image for more information.
>  >

**RadioSafe - Waterproof Pelican Case
The RadioSafe™ is a hardshell, lightweight, watertight case manufactured by Pelican. Ideal for storing and transporting your mobile radio equipment such as the IC-7000 or the IC-706, or the Yaesu FT100 and accessories when you need maximum security and protection.
>  >

Pouches & Cases
HI-32: Radio Wallet (standard)
The RadioWallet™ comes in two sizes to accommodate a wide variety of hand-held radios. It is well-constructed of padded, heavy-duty nylon with a center pocketed divider with all of the edges fully finished for strength and durability.
HI-32: Radio Wallet (standard) $29.95 >  >
HI-36: Radio Wallet (large) $34.95 >  >

HI-V2: Mini Radio Wallet
This is our smallest RadioWallet, designed especially for mini and micro handheld radios, although it can also be a handy storage case for extra accessories, cell phones, or small electronics. It makes a great compact traveling case for any of the small modern radios such as the Yaeus VX-1, VX-2, VX-5 or VX-7, the ICOM IC-T90, or the Kenwood THF6A, to name a few.
>  >

Power Supplies
HI-ATX-P: ATX Antenna Case - padded
Our Deluxe padded antenna case is made of a laminate of heavy duty nylon exterior, 1/4" foam padding, and medium weight nylon interior. Box-end construction, smooth zipper for easy access, and swivel clip for easy attachment to travel pack. Protect your valuable antennas from the hazards of travel and unprotected storage. Dimensions 13" x 1.5" x 1.75".
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